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Release(Planning: August, 30, 2018 at WordCamp Nijmegen)

Feature 1

Add all your websites to our platform

  1. Go to
  2. Register
  3. Follow the installation instructions
  4. Activate your website

Get an overview of all your websites

  1. List all your websites CORE & plugin versions
  2. SSL information; expiring date & SSL grade
  3. Firewall & CDN information
  4. Manage GDPR
  5. Add your own custom information
  6. Update your website with our apps [Dec 2018]
Feature 2
Feature 4

View security status

  1. Receive CORE & plugin update information
  2. CORE integrity checking
  3. Add & manage a strong firewall [Oct 2018]
  4. Buy a SSL certificate for your website [Oct 2018]
  5. Check your website against our vulnerability database
  6. Vulnerability intelligence [Nov 2018]
  7. Run FREE SORBI security scans

Monitor pagespeed & uptime status

  1. Receive uptime status alerts by email [Nov 2018]
  2. Check your website page speed [Nov 2018]
Feature 4
Feature 4

Get notifications

Setup email or text notifications for; uptime status, SSL expiring, new found vulneribilities or any other information you'd like to receive.

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